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Beyond the Galant is an entirely new way to approach the musical styles, the fascinating stories, and the electric music of Joseph Haydn’s “Sturm und Drang” period. The arrangements of Symphonies 26, 44, 45, and 48 will challenge not only your technique, but your sense of phrasing and grace. The practical historical commentary that accompanies this work will aid the interpretation of the many ornaments used by Haydn, elucidate some of the controversies surrounding these works, and show you the world of Esterháza in which Haydn and his musicians were making some of the world’s finest music.


Selections for Trumpet Ensemble 

Dvorak, Finale – Symphony 8 (Septet)

Haydn, Symphony 26, Movements 1-4 (Octet) 

Haydn, Symphony 44, Movements 1-4 (Octet)

Haydn, Symphony 45, Movements 1-4 (Octet)

Haydn, Symphony 48, Movements 1-4 (Octet)

Haydn, Symphony 48, Movement 1 (Quintet, reduced difficulty)
This is a lively arrangement that originally started life as a Brass Quintet for the Wisconsin Brass Quintet.  We made great use of the fast and flashy flourishes and boundless energy.  Available in many different reiterations this is a perfect show opener for any brass group!

Khachaturian, Adagio from Spartacus (Octet)

Moszkowski, Spanish Suite, Movement IV (Quartet)

Monteverdi, Selections from L’Orfeo, The Duke’s Toccata and The Spirit of Music’s Aria (Quintet)

Grainger, Colonial Song (Octet)
This classic tune has always been one of my favorites, and it is no less rich and beautiful set for brass.  The work uses the flügelhorn and piccolo trumpet to provide more sonorities than other arrangements.

Purcell, Rondeau from Abdelazar Suite (Quartet)

Purcell, Dido’s Lament from Dido and Aeneas (Quintet)

Prokofiev, Symphony 5, Movement 2 (Septet)

This relatively recent arrangement is one of which I am especially fond.  This was done for the UW-Madison trumpet ensemble for our bid to NTC in 2012.  The melodies are angular and fast with no time to let your guard down – a great challenge for any good college trumpet ensemble.

Tchaikovsky, Marche Slave (Trumpet Septet)


Tchaikovsky, Finale –Symphony 4 (Octet)


Selections for Brass Quintet

Haydn, Symphony 48, Movement 1

Mozart, Symphony 25, Movement 1
Similar to the Haydn, this movement (made famous in modern times by the movie,Amadeus) is fast and bristling with excitement!  It makes use of lively double-tongued passages, so make sure you’re ready to do some tongue work!

Morricone, The Man With the Harmonica from Once Upon a Time in The West

Grainger, Colonial Song

Cavazzoni, Canzon sopra Il est bel et bon
This work is a typical renaissance tune that I set for brass quintet.  Just as you might expect from typical 16th century Italian music it is modal in composition and allows for opportunities to explore ornamental divisions.  I changed very little from the original vocal score – just added the “musica ficta.”

Selections for Mixed Brass Ensembles

Anonymous, Riu Riu Chiu (Brass Dectet)610cover-300x300

*** recently recorded on the Summit Records Isthmus Brass Christmas Album – click the album cover to listen and purchase

Original Compositions

Emerald Street Suite (Brass Quintet)
This is my first real go at writing anything, and I did it as a gift for my roommates of two years while I lived  in Wisconsin.  Each movement is a caricature of someone in the house (including my dog!) with a final movement that depicts a snowy Wisconsin blizzard.  Check out the first and last movements below:

Excerpt Medley (Intermediate Brass Ensemble)

This was a project I did for my brass students at Falls Baptist Academy.  The arrangement starts with Beethoven’s epic 5th symphony, then moves to the gorgeous horn solo from Tchaikovsky’s 5th symphony, next to Ravel’s Bolero to feature the trombones, and finally ends up with Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition.  This is designed to be for intermediate brass players – grade 3.

Birthday Fanfare and Song (Brass Octet)

Fanfare (Brass Quartet)

June Showers (Trumpet Trio)

All arrangements can be bought via Paypal – Pay with the button below and send me a message with your selection.

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